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The Coburn Consulting Company

At The Coburn Consulting Company, we deliver solutions for businesses and clients of all sizes. We've proudly worked with 78 businesses in 5 countries since our start-up in 2010. Our sweet-spot expertise resides in the consumer, marine, RV financing and trade association management fields, accounting for approximately 70% of our total business to date. Here's just part of what we do...

                   *Strategic planning (business/profit/action plans and goal setting)
                   *Loan portfolio reviews and market evaluations
                   *Consumer loan, specialty lending start-ups (commercial banks, credit unions, finance brokers and private portfolio lenders)
                   *Credit underwriting (policy, risk management, collateral valuation and collection/recovery)
                   *Internal operation reviews
                   *Loan product, marketing, pricing and program development
                   *Industry studies and market analysis
                   *Sales management, training, coaching and compliance
                   *Small business evaluations
                   *Membership growth

Let our skills help your business or association's revenue and productivity improvement!


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